Substance abuse is often one of the most challenging problems that a person has to deal with in their life. It can ruin an individual’s health, relationships, and career. Thousands of people die from drug overdoses every year, and that number is only rising as the opioid epidemic continues to spiral out of control. But for people who are facing this problem, there are solutions. They are not destined for a lifetime of substance abuse and a daily feeling of hopelessness. Drug rehabilitation centers are businesses specifically formulated to help people deal with substance abuse issues. A combination of therapy, drug treatment, and isolation at centers like ReCreate Life Counseling can help change a person’s life forever.

Our Treatment Center in Boynton Beach, Florida

ReCreate Life Counseling is one of the most scenic drug rehab centers in Florida. Boynton Beach is located at the center of one of the most idyllic of all Florida beach counties. It is located just a short drive from Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and thousands of different shops, restaurants, and other peaceful locales. The palm trees and the sun shining all year round put customers and residents at ease and helped immensely with the healing process. It is the kind of place where patients can focus on their health above everything else.

Addiction Recovery Treatment

One of the most effective rehab programs offered at this facility is the detox-focused addiction treatment program. Several programs associated with drug rehabilitation are centered around medications such as methadone and Suboxone. These medications help patients slowly build back their tolerance to the forces that compel alcohol addiction and substance abuse. They lessen the severe side effects of withdrawal, such as depression and severe nausea. 

Medication provided at the correct times, and the proper doses can be effective at shortening recovery times and significantly reducing the chances of relapse for the potential addict. The most obvious example of this is heroin use and other severe opioids. These opioids radically reshape neural pathways and force the brain to become dependent on outside drugs to feel positive feelings such as happiness, calmness, and satisfaction. 

Methadone and other drug-based treatments replenish smaller amounts of opioids in the brain than heroin. Withdrawal symptoms do not disappear entirely but are significantly less challenging. As a result, the patient can gain a hold of their personal needs and figure out the reasons why they were abusing drugs in the first place. Then, they can begin on the path to significant recovery.

Boynton Beach

The importance of therapy

Medication-based treatments are not the only effective treatments offered at this drug rehab center. A dose of medications alone will not solve most rehabilitation cases. A person does not turn to substances simply because they lack chemical pathways in their brain. Instead, rehabilitation is a multifaceted approach that involves processing incidents and traumas from childhood while working to understand current triggers of stress and anxiety, such as poor relationships and negative workout situations. People who deal with substance abuse do not need to have all of these problems to abuse drugs or alcohol. But each of these problems can spiral out of control, evade a person’s standard coping mechanisms, and force them to use drugs to the point that they take over the user’s life. 

The facility at ReCreate Life Counseling helps break down each of these risk factors. Patients are set aside from the general population and the general public in an idyllic setting that is as far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life as possible. People are not working at the typical jobs that give them typical stress levels. They are not interacting with the people they talk to daily, which helps lead them to substances in one way or another. Instead, they live for several weeks in an isolated environment where every activity helps them develop healthier habits for coping with the modern world. 

The most commonly known and discussed factor is the group therapy session. Many individuals who have had substance abuse problems sit together and talk about their issues with a trained therapist. The therapist helps work through the different reasons for turning to drugs and alcohol and helps individuals formulate other solutions to help them deal with their problems. Group therapy works alongside individual treatment. People receive one-on-one attention and go through techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy to combat their stressors and find ways of coping without substances. 

The holistic approach

Regular activities occur at a center like ReCreate Life Counseling, which allows people to bond with one another and develop healthy relationships without resorting to drugs or alcohol. Many of these individuals cannot conceive of excitement or recreation without the help of substances. In a rehabilitation facility, there are no substances, and there is no recourse to drugs or alcohol to enhance any recreational activity. 

All of these holistic activities aim to have an individual live a life without relying on substances. Most people do not need to overhaul their value set to accomplish this goal completely. They need to stay vigilant and work through proven techniques whenever they urge to indulge. A patient at a drug rehab center is on their own in some ways and is expected to relearn how to engage in society.

The 12-step program

There are also wellness-based and twelve-step therapies. Twelve-step is a time-honored therapy tradition that has been practiced for decades. It involves a person stating that they have a drug and alcohol addiction problem and then giving over the responsibility of solving that problem partially to a higher power. The higher power helps keep a person responsible and serves as a conduit to draw energy and strength from. 

The 12-step program has been proven to help thousands of people overcome their substance abuse problems. It is effective both for religious and non-religious people. The most critical factors are connecting the recovery journey to another power and staying honest by working with a group. 

Many of these steps can be taken without a traditional long-term stay. There are several outpatient procedures and therapies that a person can use. In some instances, they can receive a prescription and be on their way. There are connections with local hospitals for more severe cases that allow a person to be partially hospitalized during their stay at the facility. This approach is helpful for locals and travelers who have other severe mental health problems that may be exacerbated during their drug treatment stay.

Getting started on a recovery journey

There are dozens of different ways in which rehab can help an individual. A person needs to take several steps before signing up for a drug rehabilitation center, such as ReCreate Life Counseling. First, they need to determine what they want to get out of the rehab process. It is helpful if they begin the process with a particular plan that they then put into action. If not, the personnel at the facility will help a patient figure out what strategies and goals are right for them. 

Next, the person considering treatment needs to understand where those problems stem from. Most reasons for rehab are connected to drug abuse and taking too much of a particular substance. But others may want to help change specific behaviors that they are addicted to and are ruining their lives. The combination of overcoming substances and dangerous behaviors is essential for going through the kind of life-changing experience one must need to use drug rehabilitation fully. 

Finally, an individual needs to meet with site staff and determine their exact needs and how the facility can best meet those needs. This facility has different areas and tiers for various ailments and illnesses. Some of these treatments work more effectively than others for various particular problems. For instance, some people are helped better by wellness approaches such as reiki and yoga. They have to have an open mind and often have some familiarity with the practices before beginning. Wellness approaches are better for a stage in which patients are trying to focus their thoughts rather than remove toxins from their bodies.

Marchman Act

Drug treatment is left entirely up to many states’ criminal justice systems and individual initiatives. But residents in Florida can take advantage of a unique concept in Floridian law to help provide relief and respite to their loved ones. The Marchman Act is a law that helps combat the horrors of drug abuse through legal intervention in action. It is a law that provides an involuntary commitment for those deep amid substance abuse. 

The court works alongside the people interested in helping an addict become sober again. Family members or friends sign an affidavit stating that an individual has met several criteria for being involuntarily committed for drug use. These criteria include harming others and not being able to process their drug abuse situation rationally. Then, the court can take over and involuntarily commit a person to a drug treatment facility for a defined period. 

That individual then has to show that they took the recommendations and policies of the treatment program seriously. The treatment has to work to a certain degree to avoid civil contempt charges. This policy is enormously helpful at allowing family members to have a say in a person’s substance abuse recovery.


Anyone facing drug and substance abuse issues needs to confront those issues head-on as soon as possible. All potential delay is simply putting a person at health and safety risk. They need to seek out a professional, well-reviewed institution like ReCreate Life Counseling. The intake professionals at ReCreate Life Counseling will help determine their needs and allow them to begin the treatment process. After either inpatient or outpatient treatment, a person can finally decide that they are no longer addicted to substances and can start back on the road to sobriety and prosperity.


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Published on: 2022-01-14
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