Using Acupuncture to Assist During Inpatient Treatment

Acupuncture can provide a host of health benefits, and many of these perks are particularly useful for individuals undergoing inpatient treatment for substance abuse. Making the decision to seek substance abuse treatment is life-altering, as well as stressful. The actual treatment sessions, while beneficial, can cause stress and force individuals to deal with some very strong emotions.

Origins of Acupuncture

Acupuncture began as part of traditional Chinese medicine. It is now considered a form of alternative or holistic medicine that is commonly used to treat a wide variety of conditions from chronic pain to allergies, anxiety, migraines, and more. Acupuncture works by stimulating pressure points on the body. During treatment, a trained professional inserts a series of needles into precise areas of the body. It is thought that these pressure points align with the nervous system, although, the exact workings of acupuncture are not completely understood.

Everyone responds differently to acupuncture, however, most people report feeling rested, relaxed, and sometimes even energized. Some of the common benefits of acupuncture treatment include:

  • Relief from chronic pain, including joint pain
  • Relief from migraine headaches
  • Alleviating anxiety and stress
  • Improved energy
  • Feelings of mental clarity

Benefits of Acupuncture During Inpatient Treatment

Everyone experiences withdrawal differently, but it can still be hard to process. Symptoms of withdrawal can include nausea, sweating, mood swings, and more. Any and all of these ailments can interfere with treatment. When an individual feels stressed and distracted they may be unable and unmotivated to work on getting better. These are completely natural reactions, but eliminating these distractions enables a person to get back on track and focus on recovery. Acupuncture is one tool that can help individuals during their inpatient treatment.

Acupuncture can help an individual attending an inpatient program in the following ways:

  • Create a feeling of emotional balance
  • Reduce irritability
  • Alleviate urges and cravings

Healing with Acupuncture

Inpatient treatment is a very rewarding process, but it can also be stressful. Recovery uncovers a lot of emotional trauma and physical pain and dealing with it all can be challenging. We understand that and that is why we provide a comprehensive approach to inpatient care. By offering holistic healing services, such as acupuncture, we can help each individual recover in a way that works best for them. We treat the addiction, as well as the entire person, so each individual can regain their health and learn how to live a life free from addiction.

Published on: 2020-04-19
Updated on: 2024-05-10