What Makes Us Different?

Respect for our clients’ core values fuels everything we do at Recreate Life Counseling. In fact, it’s a huge part of our core philosophy. We believe that by helping our clients recreate themselves and their lives, they become much more likely to achieve and stay in recovery. That’s why we offer highly individualized addiction treatment programs in Boynton Beach, Florida. They are designed to meet the needs of each client so that the vision they have for their lives can become a reality.


Our Primary Purpose

The purpose of our residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment programs is to provide therapeutic education and guidance for the individual as they begin to reintegrate into society. Our group therapy sessions focus on the day-to-day difficulties that the newly recovering person might encounter at home, work, or in the community. Our one-on-one sessions complement the work done in the group setting by helping clients reprocess any triggers from their root emotional and relationship issues. We believe that by continually working through these issues, our clients will increase the likelihood of success at practicing lifelong recovery.

More About Us

At Recreate Life Counseling, our mission is to make sure that our patients get the help they need. If you are struggling with alcohol, drug or other types of addictions, we have a variety of programs available to help you regain your sobriety and sense of purpose. Let’s take a closer look at what we have to offer you before, during and after you leave our facility.

How We Meet You Where You Are…

We offer gender specific treatment programs in an effort to create a more comfortable environment. This may be ideal for those who became dependent on drugs or alcohol because of sexual abuse at the hands of someone from the opposite gender. Spending time with members of the same gender may also be preferable because it can be easier to share your feelings with people who are more likely to relate to what you are going through.

However, we do offer group and individual therapy sessions that allow you to express your feelings around people of both genders. We also offer physical therapy, massage and other treatment options to help you overcome both the physical and mental impacts withdrawal may cause.

We Offer Many Popular Recovery Programs

As with many treatment facilities, we offer the 12-step plan as part of your recovery journey. The 12-step plan requires you to acknowledge that your addiction is more powerful than you are and that recovery will only happen when you give your problems to a higher power to solve.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to believe in God to participate in the 12-step program. For example, you could turn your problems over to the spirit of the trees or seek guidance from a dead relative if you prefer. After doing so, you’ll be required to acknowledge your mistakes, seek forgiveness and to consistently take stock of your actions.

By following these steps, you learn more about yourself and how your actions have harmed others. You also learn how to take responsibility for your actions and gain a greater appreciation for the fact that your recovery is a lifelong process.

We also offer cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which seeks to help you learn more about the relationship between your thoughts, actions and beliefs. By adding more context to your previous decisions, you learn how to make better choices in the future. Furthermore, you learn to forgive yourself for your past actions and eliminate the emotional baggage that you might have carried for years or decades.

Finally, we also offer relapse treatment if you need extra help maintaining your sobriety. While you may feel embarrassed by a relapse, you should know that you have nothing to be ashamed of. It is common for people to go to rehab multiple times as they learn to live with the fact that their addiction is going to be with them forever. The fact that you continue to seek help will only make you physically and mentally stronger, which is key in your quest to remain sober for the rest of your life.

We Understand the Link Between Mental Health & Addiction

For many, addiction is triggered by abuse, the loss of a loved one or some other traumatic event. However, for some, dependency issues are triggered by the fact that they are neurodivergent and are simply more likely to have an addictive personality. That is why we offer dual diagnosis care to ensure that your mind and body get the attention that they need to give you the best chance at living a sober lifestyle.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Care

We realize that not everyone needs to be under constant supervision while receiving care. This is why we offer outpatient programs that allow you to obtain the treatment that you need on your own schedule. Of course, you will still take medication or engage in other activities under the care of a doctor or other professionals to ensure that you’re doing so safely. However, outpatient programs allow you to live at home, go to work and otherwise go about your life as normally as possible. Generally speaking, outpatient treatment is best for those who simply need someone to talk to or need to take medication on a regular basis to maintain their sobriety.

What to Know About Our Team

Perhaps the best reason to choose Recreate Life is that our management team is staffed by individuals who have gone through the recovery process themselves. This means that when you’re talking to our director of admissions, you are interacting with someone who understands what you are going through. The head of our marketing department is also a recovering addict as well as the head of the operations team.

You can also feel good that our primary therapist and other members of our care team have several advanced degrees to go along with their many years of experience. This means that you will always have access to someone who understands how to create a safe and welcoming environment regardless of what your needs may be.

What You Should Know About the Admissions Process

There are three primary steps that you’ll be asked to complete as part of the admissions process. First, you’ll be asked to tell us more about the type of addiction that you are dealing with. This is a completely confidential interview that can be completed by a friend or loved one on your behalf if necessary. This interview will help us determine your needs and how we can best serve them.

The next step is to evaluate your insurance policy to determine if your treatment will be covered by an existing medical policy. All you need to do is fill out a short form that is then reviewed by our team. It only takes a few minutes to complete and submit the form, and you can expect to hear back in a matter of minutes or hours after we receive your information.

After reviewing your insurance information, we can let you know how much you’ll need to pay out of your own pocket. In some cases, the cost of treatment will be fully covered by your existing policy. If not, you will need to make arrangements to pay before your admission date.

Finally, we will ask you to complete and submit a formal intake form that provides more information about yourself and your current state. We can then more accurately determine the level of care that you need and schedule an admission date. This step can also be completed by a loved one on your behalf, but it’s important to note that you can’t be admitted unless you agree to seek treatment. Our facilities are open for admission 24 hours per day, so you can check-in whenever it is most convenient to do so.

We Take ALL Feedback Seriously

Our commitment to listening to our clients is one of the key things that sets us apart from the competition. It also provides us with an opportunity to improve and refine our treatment plans and how we execute them. We also want to hear from those who have gone through the admissions process so that we can learn more about how we can better serve those who may have chosen to seek treatment elsewhere. You can get in touch with us by phone or by starting a live chat on our website.

If you are ready to seek treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, the folks at Recreate Life Counseling are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to call, email or start a live chat to learn more about our services, our team or anything else that you need to know before being admitted to one of our facilities.

Published on: 2019-02-17
Updated on: 2024-05-10