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Our counselors engage clients in discreet and therapeutic individual counseling sessions.

Addiction treatment requires a multi-layered approach to be successful. At Recreate Life Counseling, our team of therapists meets with each client one-on-one during the week for individual counseling. During these sessions, patients have the opportunity to open up about their issues and problems in a safe and comfortable setting.
In comparison to group therapy that is facilitated amongst other addicts and alcoholics, individual counseling is a discreet form of therapy built on trust and understanding between the patient and therapist.

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The Model of Individual Substance Abuse Counseling

According to NIDA, individual addiction counseling tackles the symptoms and the major causes of addiction. One-on-one therapy sessions also help to foster the recovery process. During our Boynton Beach individual counseling sessions, our therapists use the following solution-focused approaches:

  • We help our patients accept that he or she suffers from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. This helps in overcoming feelings of denial that are often associated with substance abuse.
  • We teach our patients strategies that help in making healthy decisions at crucial times.
  • We encourage all recovering patients to abstain from substance abuse. This can be achieved through various life-affirming techniques.
  • Our counselors work with each patient to create a long-lasting recovery and relapse prevention plan.

Benefits of Our Boynton Beach Individual Addiction Counseling Program

Recreate Life Counseling’s individual addiction counseling in Boynton Beach, Florida, helps addicts in understanding the underlying causes of their substance abuse. Through the help of our highly trained counselors, patients will be able to figure out why they’ve picked up a mood-or-mind altering substance in the first place. Our Boynton Beach drug counseling program allows clients to feel comfortable talking about personal challenges and focusing on your individual needs.

For individual counseling sessions to be successful, the recovering addict or alcoholic must be willing to remain sober regardless of the journey ahead. Often times, our clients must be ready to make sacrifices such as losing some friends, changing places where you go to “relax” as well as forming new hobbies. A recovering addict must do all it takes to live a healthy lifestyle, and that’s what each client learns during the process of our individual addiction counseling program.

Our Individual Addiction Therapists are a phone call away from starting a treatment plan tailored to your (or a loved one’s) personalized recovery needs.

Our experienced treatment team at Recreate Life Counseling will work with you to assess your condition and suggest a treatment plan that will meet your specific needs.

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