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Partial Hospitalization Addiction Treatment is offered at Recreate Life Counseling in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Partial hospitalization program (also known as PHP Program) is a form of drug rehab that provides the most intensive level of non-residential, non-inpatient care for those that are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, behavioral disorders and mental health problems. Our partial hospitalization addiction treatment center in Boynton Beach, Florida, is highly structured, comprehensive, and coordinated, offering a higher level of care than standard outpatient therapy. It’s also often known as a “day” program because medically supervised clinical addiction treatment is provided throughout the day.

PHP addiction treatment provides a personalized experience that meets the unique strengths, needs as well as treatment goals of each patient. Before being admitted into our Florida PHP drug rehab program, the individual needs to be assessed psychologically. The patient can also provide necessary documentation of the assessment that he or she completed at an inpatient program before moving into the partial hospitalization phase.


  • What is PHP in drug rehab?

Components of a Partial Hospitalization Program

The therapies and activities offered in a partial hospitalization rehab center depend on the participant’s specific needs. We recommend that all patients have a solid support system at home or in their community.

Our Day/Night addiction treatment program usually features the following:

  • Medication Management

This is ideal for those dealing with mental health or behavioral health disorders. A PHP participant that has been prescribed medication must meet with a psychiatrist for medication management services.

  • Group Therapy

This form of therapy is usually the basis of all treatments in most cases. Partial hospitalization programs typically feature a series of group therapy sessions each day. These sessions are usually led by a counselor, therapist, or other professionals and aim to equip participants with insights, experiences, and support that will help them deal with their challenges.

  • Individual Therapy

At our Partial Care Florida Treatment programs, individual therapies provide one-on-one interactions between the participants and therapists. These interactions provide opportunities for the patients to discuss their successes and tackle hindrances to recovery (in a more focused and personal manner).

  • Family Sessions

Family sessions help heal wounds inflicted on family members due to their loved ones’ addiction to drugs and alcohol. The sessions also help the family members to know how they can support their loved ones to overcome addiction. The scheduling of family sessions usually varies from location to location.

Participants in the Recreate Life Counseling partial hospitalization program work with the professionals at our facility to come up with complete discharge and aftercare plans. The goal of the plans is to ensure that the individual leaves with a detailed plan and resources that will provide a sustained recovery. If you’re interested in our Boynton Beach PHP drug rehab, give us a call around the clock for a confidential assessment.

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    Who Can Benefit From Our Partial Care Drug Rehab in Boynton Beach?

    Partial hospitalization programs have skill enhancement plans aimed at improving the patient’s ability to function in his or her day-to-day life. Our clinical team works with patients to carry out an in-depth assessment to figure out the appropriate level of care the patient’s needs.

    We recommend that you (or a loved one) contact our partial hospitalization drug rehab in Boca Raton, Florida, if you’re ready to begin the process of recovery in a structured treatment environment. We are ready around the clock to answer any of your questions, comments, and concerns.


    During her treatment for prescription drug abuse, the Recreate Life therapists helped Ashley work on her self esteem and other specific issues that contributed to her pattern of addiction. A few weeks later, she emerged from our facility with a deep desire to enroll in college and a growing sense of inner peace. She continues to rediscover the zest for life she feared she had lost to her addiction.