Addiction Treatment Specifically Geared for Men and Women.

While many of the problems addicts encounter in the recovery process are common to all genders, some are best approached in a manner that is more specific to a particular gender. Our Gender Specific Groups are designed to provide a case-specific approach. They include only persons of a specific gender and are moderated by an addiction counselor with experience in the issues people in this group tend to encounter.

In this way, these issues can be addressed in a safe and therapeutic environment, where persons of a specific gender can be comfortable addressing their struggles with others who share similar experiences.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Addiction Rehab Groups

At Recreate Life Counseling, gender-specific groups are designed to treat only men or only women. When you’re in one of these groups, this removes some of the distractions that may arise from being around members of the opposite sex. It also allows patients to feel more comfortable or focused as they recover around peers of the same sex, enabling them to relate over experiences specific to their gender.

There are more benefits to attending gender-specific addiction treatment groups than you think. In some cases, individual barriers to recovery are gender-specific. Men and women might have very different feelings about seeking treatment for drug and/or alcohol abuse issues. We’ve followed this approach successfully for many years and it has proven to get our clients open up during treatment sessions.

Begin your journey to recovery under the care of true professionals.

Our gender-specific groups focus on the challenges that each gender faces separately when getting sober. Your road to sobriety is not always the same as other people, especially when comparing men and women. Getting treatment in groups that are composed of the same gender means that you’ll feel more at ease while opening up and talking about your experiences, feelings, and emotions.

Don’t hesitate to contact our addiction treatment specialists for more information on our gender specific groups. We are here to answer any of your questions or concerns. Our commitment is to be with you every step of the way as you start the recovery process.

Published on: 2019-02-28
Updated on: 2024-05-10