What is offered with Tricare Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment?

Several factors prevent most men and women who struggle with addiction from seeking and receiving the help they need. The most severe issue that these people face is dealing with the financial component of treatment. They assume that treatment centers like Recreate Life Counseling – treatment centers that are well-known and well-respected – must therefore be unaffordable and inaccessible.

The truth is that at Recreate Life Counseling, we sincerely believe that quality behavioral healthcare services should be readily available to those who need them to get and stay sober. To make our treatment program as accessible as possible, we work closely with major health insurance providers like Tricare. Tricare insurance was developed to help active military members as well as military veterans and their loved ones.

Does Recreate Life Counseling Accept Tricare Insurance?

Because Recreate Life Counseling is in-network with Tricare insurance, we accept this insurance policy. In addition, we work closely with many people who have either served in the military previously or are active duty service members. One of our main priorities is ensuring that men and women in every demographic have access to the clinical care they need to get sober and stay sober long term.

Sadly, many of the overdose-related deaths throughout the country could be prevented had professional treatment been sought just a little bit sooner. Our goal is to bridge the gap and help everyone get the treatment they need as efficiently as possible.

What If I Don’t Have Insurance?

If you don’t have insurance, not to worry – at Recreate Life Counseling, we offer various coverage options for men and women who are underinsured or entirely uninsured. If you can obtain a private loan or medical loan, you can cover the cost of the treatment on a confidential pay basis. We also offer self-pay options for those who prefer to pay out of pocket. In some cases, we offer sliding scale payments for uninsured patients, who are at risk of overdose or another life-threatening complication related to addiction, and who do not have the means to pay for treatment out of pocket.

Our in-network Tricare addiction treatment program options are flexible, and we are more than happy to work with you when it comes to finding the plan that best suits your needs.

What Parts Of In-Network Drug Rehab Are Covered?

If you are currently insured through Tricare, you might be wondering what parts of drug and alcohol rehab will be in-network addiction treatment with Tricare insurance. The truth is that major health insurance providers cover the majority of our services. Everything from intensive therapeutic intervention to holistically based group workshops is generally part of our in-network Tricare drug rehab program.

Contact Us Today – Begin Your Recovery Journey

If you or someone you love has been struggling with addiction, the only thing standing between you and a life of recovery is the willingness to make the initial phone call. We understand how overwhelming it can be to commit to a long-term recovery program, and it can be even more overwhelming to start mulling through all potential coverage options. The good news is this – we are ready and available to take care of all of the finer details, from transportation to health insurance benefits.

Get Help With Recreate Life Counseling Addiction Programs

If you are currently insured through Tricare, or if your spouse or parent is a Tricare holder, there is a good chance that some or all of the in-network drug treatment for Tricare is covered when you come to our facility. We can help you figure this out in a short matter of minutes as soon as you call us up with your insurance information in hand.

We look forward to speaking with you soon and doing everything in our power to help alleviate as much stress as possible.

Published on: 2021-06-14
Updated on: 2024-05-06