When searching for treatment programs for a loved one struggling with drug addiction, or for yourself, you will likely be confronted with a number of challenges. Some of the common challenges include the location of the rehab facility, the type of recovery program offered, the competence of the center, as well as the cost of addiction treatment.

Considering the financial aspects of addiction treatment, many families have found it advantageous to have some form of health insurance coverage. Magellan Healthcare Insurance provides a wide array of healthcare plans that include coverage for substance abuse treatment. At Recreate Life Counseling, we are a Magellan drug treatment center along with being JCAHO accredited to ensure the highest standard of quality care.

What to Know About Magellan Healthcare Insurance

Magellan Healthcare Insurance was established in 1969 as a managed healthcare provider, specializing in providing mental health care services and substance abuse treatment. Magellan provides a number of medical plans to its clients. Each of these plans offers different levels of coverage. As a Magellan drug rehab program, we work closely with health insurance providers to make our treatment programs accessible and affordable.

Programs offered by Magellan Healthcare include early detection programs, employee assistance programs, programs specializing in helping adolescents, and integrated behavioral health programs.

Magellan Health works with a network of over 70,000 mental healthcare providers one of which is Recreate Life Counselling. At our Magellan drug treatment center, you can access a number of highly experienced behavioral health professionals that specialize in addiction treatment.

Drug Rehabs That Accept Magellan Insurance

As an accredited drug treatment center, we understand that substance abuse treatment may put a financial strain on families. We have made it possible for your Magellan Healthcare Insurance to cover all or some of your rehab costs. However, the level of coverage depends much on the plan you have. Magellan offers several options that cover substance abuse treatment as a significant aspect of total behavioral health. It’s best to call us for a confidential assessment so we can conduct a complete insurance verification.

Treatment programs for drug abuse occur in different stages. Most of these stages may be covered by your Magellan insurance.

Detox Program: As a first step towards your recovery, you will need to undergo a detoxification phase. In some instances, you can expect your Magellan Insurance to provide partial or total coverage for your detox program.

Therapy Sessions: At Recreate Life Counseling, we care about the total wellbeing of our clients. We are successful when our clients achieve full recovery. By offering affordable and highly specialized services, we have been able to assist many of our clients on the road to long-term recovery. While receiving treatment at our rehab center, our mission is for clients to focus not on the financial commitment but potential benefits of reclaiming their lives. Whether or not clients choose an intensive outpatient treatment or a partial hospitalization program, they can usually expect to have a significant part of their treatment cost covered by their Magellan Healthcare insurance policy.

Aftercare: Regardless of the treatment plan you’re given while at Recreate Life Counseling, you can expect Magellan Health insurance to cover some of the cost associated with aftercare services. Recreate Life Counseling works together with Magellan Insurance to ensure significant coverage for your aftercare services. This will, in turn, make your transition into society as smooth as possible. Contact us for more details on your benefits coverage.

Does Magellan Insurance Cover My Drug Rehab Stay?

If you have Magellan Healthcare coverage, you can expect the financial burden for getting the help you need with substance abuse to be much lighter. However, before entering a treatment program, it is best you verify your coverage level so that you know what your plan covers, and what cost you may need to pay out-of-pocket.

To find out more about how this works, please contact our admissions team around the clock. We will be glad to provide you with a no-obligation verification of the level of treatment covered by your Magellan Insurance. This way, we take away the stress while you focus on your journey towards a full recovery.

Published on: 2019-04-01
Updated on: 2024-05-06