Once you are ready to begin your journey towards sobriety, you will have a number of things to consider. Both the physical and emotional aspects of your recovery process can greatly impact your level of success. You are likely going to consider the effectiveness of a treatment program, as well as the financial implications of going to rehab.

Treatment for addiction problems can be very expensive. It is understandable that many stay away from or delay seeking help for substance use disorders. According to some sources, far more people should receive help for substance abuse than those who currently do.

CoreSource Insurance for Addiction Treatment

With the right information, you may be surprised at how much help is available without spending a large sum of money out-of-pocket. In fact, with the right health insurance policy, you may be able to cover up to 100% of your cost of rehab treatment. It comes as a surprise to many that they may be able to cover a substantial part of their rehab cost with their CoreSource insurance policy. Recreate Life Counseling is a CoreSource addiction treatment program and we accept a majority of policies within this health insurance network.

About CoreSource: Understanding Your Benefits

CoreSource, a Trustmark company, is one of the leading administrators of self-funded healthcare plans in the United States. The company has over 40 years of experience in helping organizations and their employees reduce their healthcare costs without compromising quality. CoreSource has over 500 clients and more than 1.1 million members.

CoreSource aims to make your experience with receiving addiction treatment as hassle-free as possible. We’ve worked with this insurance company for years, and as a result, have become a drug treatment center that accepts CoreSource health insurance. Working with CoreSource ensures your claims are processed accurately and in a timely fashion. As a member of their healthcare network, you can expect comprehensive coverage for substance abuse, dental, medical diagnosis, and disability.

If you are ready to move forward with substance abuse treatment for yourself or a loved one, you can expect CoreSource coverage for the following treatment programs at Recreate Life Counseling:

  • Treatment for alcohol and illicit or prescription drug addiction
  • Day/night treatment programs
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • In-state and out-of-state rehab programs

Realistically, you should expect full or partial coverage for any of these recommended CoreSource drug treatment programs. Our professionals at Recreate Life Counseling are available around-the-clock to help you with a free and confidential insurance verification for addiction treatment.

We are a CoreSource Drug Treatment Center

Treatment for addiction at drug rehab facilities often involves a lot of specialized services. They often range from medical detox, partial hospitalization programs, outpatient treatment programs, and aftercare services. This typically adds to the high cost of rehabilitation services. With no resources set aside, this could set a huge barrier to getting help with addiction. That’s why as a CoreSource drug rehab facility, we are accessible to countless men, women, and families searching for a reputable treatment program.

With an insurance policy in place, you can expect your financial commitment to be significantly reduced. CoreSource offers health insurance coverage for drugs and alcohol rehab services. The implementation of the Parity Act played a significant role in ensuring employees of self-funded organizations receive all benefits associated with their chosen insurance plan.

Recreate Life Counseling works with CoreSource to provide world-class rehabilitation services to members with insurance coverage. Your CoreSource coverage can help you lower your addiction treatment bills, reducing your stress level which is often already high as a result of active addiction.

Break Free From Addiction Today

Recreate Life Counseling is a CoreSource drug treatment center so that addicts can benefit from our treatment services. One of our philosophies is to make quality drug and alcohol rehab affordable for our clients. In this regard, we accept coverage for your addiction treatment from most leading health insurance companies.

Get the help you need to break free from drug and alcohol addiction today. Understanding the fine print of your insurance policy can be challenging. That is a burden you shouldn’t have to worry about when you’re looking for drug rehab for yourself or a loved one. Let our highly dedicated admissions team verify your insurance benefits and take the stress out of your search for a drug-free life. With that out of the way, you can concentrate on what’s most important – getting help in turning your life around.

Published on: 2019-03-31
Updated on: 2024-05-06