In the State of Florida, there are a number of rehab centers that accept health insurance policies for the coverage of addiction treatment. Recreate Life Counseling works with multiple insurance providers across the United States to ensure drug rehab coverage for our clients. If you have Beacon Health Options insurance, your substance abuse treatment costs may be fully or partially covered at most addiction treatment facilities.

Whether you choose an individual plan, group plan or you were enrolled by your employer, you can be sure to receive a significant level of coverage for your addiction treatment at our accredited treatment facility. That’s because we are a Beacon Health Options drug rehab center.

A Little About Beacon Health Options

Previously known as ValueOptions, Beacon Health Options is said to be the largest wellness and independent behavioral healthcare company in the United States. The company took on its new identity after a merger between ValueOptions and Beacon Health Strategies in 2014. Beacon Health Options currently serves a network of over 40 million clients, many of them are even Fortune 500 companies. The company also provides health insurance coverage to states and local governments.

Beacon Health Options is separated from other organizations in its class because of their specialization in substance abuse treatment and behavioral health management. As a result, the company fully understands the unique needs of clients with drug and alcohol addiction issues.

What Type Of Coverage Can You Expect From Your Beacon Health Options Insurance?

Being a part of the Beacon Health Options insurance network is one thing, understanding the extent of coverage your plan offers is another. At Recreate Life Counseling, we understand that not every policyholder is familiar with the terminologies associated with their chosen plan. We can have our professionals verify and assess your drug treatment plan. As a Beacon Health Options drug rehab program, we want you to be clear on the extent of the coverage that your health insurance policy provides.

There is a lot of stress associated with addressing an addiction problem. Whether you are searching for a treatment program for yourself or someone you care about, you face a number of challenges. Trying to figure out the specifics of your health insurance coverage is a burden we do not wish you add to your present challenges. We have experienced professionals who can help sort that out, allowing you to concentrate on what’s more important – getting help for your drug and alcohol abuse problem.

Your Beacon Health Options insurance may cover some of your drug treatment expenses. Typically, the level of coverage for medical needs varies with the type of plan. However, you should expect some form of coverage for the following aspects of your drug and alcohol addiction treatment:

Medical Detox: Detoxification is usually carried out as the first phase of your addiction treatment program. This is a risky procedure, typically done in a controlled environment by a team of addiction professionals.

Partial Hospitalization Programs: Beacon Health Options typically offers wide-ranging coverage for partial hospitalization programs. Again, the extent of coverage you can expect varies with the plan. Another determining factor for the amount of coverage to be expected is the partnership that Beacon has with other insurance providers. Beacon Health Options generally provides coverage for services rendered by providers in its network. The only exceptions are cases of emergencies or accidents.

Outpatient Rehab Programs: Your Beacon Health Options insurance plan may be sufficient to cover all of the costs incurred during your stay in our outpatient addiction treatment program. This type of treatment is usually less expensive than inpatient rehab programs. You usually start accessing the benefits of your coverage after you have met your fee obligations and necessary deductibles.

Beacon Health Options Drug Treatment Near You

Recreate Life Counseling is a leading Beacon Health Options drug rehab center. We have been able to assist hundreds of individuals with substance abuse disorders to recreate their lives and truly gain the freedom that comes with living a life of sobriety. You too can become a success story and find happiness without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Do not let uncertainty prevent you from taking full advantage of the coverage provided by your Beacon Health Options Insurance. Call us now for a confidential verification of your Beacon Health Options health insurance plan. This one small step can turn your life around forever.

Published on: 2019-04-01
Updated on: 2024-05-06