Tips for Staying Sober at Sports Events

Most sporting activities will involve alcohol and sometimes even drugs. To avoid triggers, it is essential to plan beforehand and it’s a priority. There are strategies you can use to map out your day. Practice on your own time, even in the mirror, several ways to say “no” to peer pressure. There are going to be hot spots that you should avoid as well such as bars.

Make sure that your self-care is thoroughly managed. Make sure you aren’t tired, get well-rested. Don’t go if you have feelings of loneliness, and if you do have these feelings call your support to process it. Take care of any anger you might be working on ahead of time. Eat well, do not show up or allow yourself to be hungry.

Tips for Staying Sober at Sports Events

Who to Keep Close During Sports Events?

There are people who you are going to want to avoid, and that being those who are using or drinking. But the best way to keep yourself sober is to have that accountability from those in your sober support network alerted of the fact that you will be at a sporting event with alcohol involved. Now if you’ve yet to find a sober support network it is time to join one. The recovery groups that you will join or have joined will provide you with recovery sessions, therapy, advice and information on how to have fun at sporting events without consuming drugs or alcohol.

Make sure you attend a meeting, preferably your homegroup, before the event, and share about it. Call your sponsor to let them know at what time you would like for them to be on stand-by, to where you can text or call them if you find yourself in a predicament. Don’t allow the lonely task of avoiding relapse triggers to spoil the fun of attending a sporting event. Bring your sponsor or someone from your homegroup with you, if possible. Also, you can attend sporting events hosted by other peers in recovery.

How to Stay Dedicated During Sporting Events?

With Purpose, acknowledge the fact that you want to stay sober so that you can be focused. It is possible to enjoy your friends and family during sporting events if you dedicate your attention to your sobriety.  You can strengthen your strategies if you find that the sporting event was, in fact, a trigger in and of itself. Think about the fun you had when you were younger without getting drunk or high.

Take the time to feed your mind with material that is inspirational such as videos or podcasts. Make a habit of attending at least three meetings a week. Commit to meditating every morning for 66 days, as the National Institute of Health suggests that is how long it takes to form a habit.

More relevant research found that automaticity plateaued on average around 66 days after the first daily performance, although there was considerable variation across participants and behaviors. (NIH)

Once you have the habits that strengthen your recovery in auto mode, you will find that sporting events, even if they were a trigger, can be serene and fun at the same time.

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