Drug Dealer Charged in Mac Miller Overdose Death

Prosecutors in the Los Angeles area have charged a man who supplied Mac Miller with drugs in connection to his death in 2018. Cameron James Pettit was Mac Miller’s main drug dealer leading up to his overdose, and text messages between the two detail all of the transactions that played a role in his death.

The main cause of Mac Miller’s death was ruled to be accidental overdose from fentanyl exposure. He purchased what he thought were “percs”, referring to 30mg oxycodone painkillers, but in reality, they were counterfeit fentanyl pills supplied by Pettit. Fentanyl is much stronger than oxycodone and even heroin, leading many unsuspecting addicts to overdose when using the drug.

Drug Dealer Charged in Mac Miller Overdose

Authorities charge man who sold Mac Miller drugs

According to an official DEA statement, authorities believe that the fake Percocet pills supplied by Pettit played a direct role in Mac Miller’s untimely death:

Fentanyl disguised as a genuine pharmaceutical is a killer, which is being proven every day in America. Drugs laced with cheap and potent fentanyl are increasingly common, and we owe it to the victims and their families to aggressively target the drug dealers that cause these overdose deaths. (DEA)

Instagram messages between Pettit and others also show his guilt and culpability in the crime. He shows remorse for what he has done and is worried about the consequences of what is to come.

For his actions, Pettit faces up to 20 years in federal prison. Investigators are now aggressively targeting drug dealers peddling fentanyl as it has lead to the current explosion in the opioid epidemic and overdose deaths throughout the country.

Mac Miller, whose real name is Malcolm James McCormick, and his music were loved by many and he continues to be dearly missed. He often spoke publicly about his struggles with substance abuse but was not able to get the help he needed until it was too late. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, it’s crucial to reach out for professional addiction help as soon as possible.