Whether you or someone you care about is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, one thing is certain – getting professional help is the most effective way to turn your life around. While it’s true that the cost of drug and alcohol rehabilitation has spiked up recently due to the improved level of care offered at most rehab facilities, you can take advantage of your Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield plan.

So, if you have Horizon BCBS membership, you might want to learn how it works with your addiction treatment and how you can maximize the benefits offered by your particular plan. Continue reading to learn more about our Horizon BCBS drug treatment center.

What is Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance?

Horizon BCBS of New Jersey is one of the independent licensees of the Blue Cross Blue Shield brand. The company’s Behavioral Health program is aimed at giving members access to safe and effective substance abuse rehab services.

The Horizon BCBS program provides extensive coverage for a broad range of behavioral health and mental health challenges, including chemical dependency. As a Horizon BCBS drug rehab program, we are experienced in helping men, women, and families with this particular health insurance plan.

Will Horizon BCBS Cover My Drug and Alcohol Rehab Costs?

If you have Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield membership, you may be qualified to have your rehab treatment cost completely covered. The extent of coverage offered will naturally differ across the various plans. Even if your plan does not qualify for you to receive full coverage, your out-of-pocket expenses would be significantly reduced.

Your primary focus should be on receiving the best treatment and gaining full recovery. Getting clarity right from the onset about your addiction treatment coverage saves you from the shock of receiving bills from your insurance carrier that are not prepared to cover.

Additionally, some insurance providers require approval before you undergo certain addiction treatment services. In the event that a certain specialized treatment program is not covered under your plan, the implication is that you may have to find an alternative source of funding for that program. Most of the drug recovery programs at Recreate Life have some form of coverage under Horizon BCBS. If you’re unsure about your coverage, our Horizon BCBS drug treatment specialists can help you with a free and confidential verification of your insurance benefits,

Recreate Life Counseling is a Horizon BCBS Drug Rehab You Can Trust

You are only a phone call away from starting a new life, free from the destruction of addiction. Our experienced recovery specialists are available around the clock to answer any concern you might have about your health insurance or how to get started on your path to lifelong recovery.

Just like your regular Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, you should expect your Horizon BCBS insurance to provide a measure of coverage for the following levels of substance abuse treatment:

Money doesn’t have to be a barrier to getting the help you need to achieve life-long sobriety. You can receive world-class addiction services at Recreate Life Counseling without having to worry about the affordability. You search for a reputable and solution-focused Horizon BCBS drug treatment center ends today. Let’s walk the path to recovery together, one step at a time.

Published on: 2019-04-01
Updated on: 2024-05-06