What is the Success Rate of Drug Treatment?

The amount of people who attend rehab pales in comparison to the number of people that struggle with a diagnosable substance use disorder. If you or someone you love has been struggling with substance abuse or dependence, you might have considered entering into a program of long-term recovery. Maybe you have been in recovery before, only to experience a return to old behaviors after a short stint with sobriety. Most people who experience a relapse will write rehab off as ineffective. “I didn’t stay sober,” they might say. “So clearly rehab didn’t work for me.” The truth is that you will only get out of rehab what you put into it – and for drug treatment to be effective long-term, it must be followed up with a personalized program of aftercare.

How Can We Measure Drug Treatment Success?

Drug treatment can be compared to treatment for other chronic illnesses, like type 2 diabetes. Say someone needs to cut out processed foods and refined sugars because and keep up with daily insulin shots because if they don’t, they are at risk of experiencing the symptoms that go hand-in-hand with their condition. The person feels better for several weeks, then decides that since they feel fine they can probably eat a few cookies, ignore their sugar levels for a day or two and skip out on one or two insulin shots. Of course, he or she might then be at risk of related complications like nerve damage, heart disease, or kidney disease. When dealing with a chronic illness, it is important to keep up with your recovery program. The same is true of drug treatment. Treatment is only going to be successful if you stay on top of your recovery program once you are discharged.

What is the Success Rate of Drug Treatment?

How Successful is Drug Treatment?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug addiction can be managed just as well – if not better – than other chronic diseases. While drug addiction treatment is between 40 and 60 percent effective, treatment for type 1 diabetes is between 30 and 50 percent effective. Asthma treatment is between 50 and 70 percent effective. This is to say that if you do commit to a long-term program of drug addiction recovery and stick to the program, there is no reason why treatment wouldn’t be effective – you just have to make sure that you are doing what you need to do to stay in a good spot mentally and emotionally.

Successful treatment begins with a willingness to get sober, and it continues with a comprehensive and effective treatment program much like that offered by Recreate Life Counseling.

Recreate Life Counseling and Drug Treatment Options 

At Recreate Life Counseling we offer a range of treatment options for men and women of all ages and in all demographics who are struggling with drug abuse and addiction. Drug addiction is a progressively worsening disease, and if treatment is not sought then the related symptoms will only continue to get more and more severe. Drug addiction treatment can be extremely successful depending on the amount of effort that you put into it. Of course, it is also important that the drug addiction treatment center you commit to is reputable and effective.

Recreate Life Counseling is both licensed and accredited through the state of Florida and has rapidly become one of the most respected gender-specific treatment centers in Boynton Beach and all surrounding areas of Southern Florida. Our success rates are extremely high – not only because our clinical program is comprehensive and run by a team of dedicated professionals, but because we provide our clients with follow-up care long after they complete any one of the levels of clinical care we provide. To learn more about our recovery program and our success rates, contact us today.