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Our Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program is aimed at helping men and women that are addicted to heroin or prescription opioids.

When it comes to recovery from addiction, you can’t do it alone. Support from counselors and therapists in the form of process groups and individual counseling may not be enough. For clients that experience withdrawal symptoms and are at high risk for relapse, our Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program is often a suitable option.

Our clinical team uses medication to help manage opioid dependence while our clients receive intensive daily therapy at our day or night treatment program. We’ve seen great success in using this treatment approach for chronic drug addicts that don’t respond well to other levels of care.

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MAT Addiction Treatment Program in Boynton Beach, Florida

As a leading substance abuse treatment provider, it is essential that we constantly review our treatment modalities and make sure that we are providing evidence-based care. To that end, we have reviewed our Medication Assisted Treatment Program and have decided to enhance it while utilizing Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s (HBFF) COR-12 program foundation. COR-12, which stands for Comprehensive Opioid Response while Integrating the 12 steps.

Consistent with scientific evidence, we offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services to patients with opioid use disorders who meet Comprehensive Opioid Response with the Twelve Steps (COR-12™) program requirements. We are committed to implementing the program in a way that is consistent with our mission, values, and vision, as well as with your long-term recovery. Taking part in medication-assisted treatment means you will stay engaged with services for an extended period of time and comply with accountability measures.

To become part of the Recreate Life Counseling Medication-Assisted Treatment, our clients must agree to do the following:

• Participate in the continuum of care as clinically recommended
• Follow the advice and recommendations of our medical staff
• Take all medications as prescribed and approved by our medical staff
• Comply with ongoing drug testing, monitoring, or both
• Participate in scheduled programming and comply with treatment expectations
• Attend all scheduled appointments
• Participate in ongoing opioid-specific support groups
• Maintain ongoing willingness to include family and other third-party supports in the treatment program
• Actively participate in Twelve Step meetings and the recovery community
• Consent to allow Recreate Life Counseling to destroy any controlled substances if you choose to leave Against Medical Advice (AMA) in accordance with company policy

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