Personal Testimony: I Went to Rehab in Florida

recreate life counselingNever did I imagine I would end up in rehab. It’s not one of those things you put on a bucket list or envision doing as a child. Fortunately, going to rehab in Florida saved my life. Addiction took me to such a dark and despairing place that I would not wish on anybody. It destroyed my relationships, my physical, mental, and emotional health, and almost ended up killing me. I remember kneeling down on the ground of the bedroom that had become my prison and begging for God (or anyone, anything) to just help me stop drinking. I would start drinking in the morning because I was physically sick without it, and spend the entire day locked in my bedroom consuming bottle after bottle. When I wasn’t drinking, I was going to my local liquor store to get that next drink. I tried going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on my own and attended two rehabs before I flew down to Florida to attend a longer-term treatment center.

My Experience: Rehab in Florida

When I bought my plane ticket to Florida, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My previous rehab had suggested a specific treatment center in Florida, and I heard that changing your “people, places, and things” was beneficial for your recovery. I could not imagine being in rehab for 90 days and fought with my family and the staff the entire day I was supposed to be admitted. It literally took me eight hours to sign all the intake paperwork because I kept running out of the office. Finally, one of the therapists talked me into staying for the night. I reluctantly agreed and went to my room. Something happened when that therapist calmly suggested that I give this thing a solid effort — the process of my surrender began to take place.

I also did not realize that I had just entered the “Recovery Capital of the World,” whatever that may mean. All I knew was that my treatment center took us to many outside 12-step meetings that were actually pretty good. I started to connect with my fellow addicts and began to open up to my peers and the professionals. As my mind began to clear, I began participating in groups and therapy sessions. I started to embrace treatment and recovery and accepted the fantastic treatment that was being offered to me. Treatment provided me the time and space to figure out who I was and address the root causes of my addiction. Being mostly detached from the “real world” allowed me to focus on the present moment and navigate my emotions more carefully. I was no longer able to numb my emotions (both the positive and negative ones), so I had to learn a different way to think, act, and be.

Attending rehab in Florida changed my life for the better. Once I surrendered to the process and allowed others to love me (since I did not love myself at this point), change started to gradually take place. I began to smile again and think less about using substances. I started to build a solid foundation for lifelong sobriety that I have continued to work on after I left treatment. Because of what I learned in rehab and what I continue to learn in the rooms of 12 Step Programs, I now live a happy, healthy life in recovery.

If You Are Struggling, Reach Out for Help

If you or a loved one is struggling with rehab, please reach out for help today. Going to rehab and learning how to live clean and sober made a huge difference in my life. Recreate Life Counseling Services is here to help you build that foundation for lifelong sobriety. We are an outpatient addiction treatment center in sunny South Florida with amazing staff members dedicated to helping guide you in your recovery.