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Located in the sunshine and warmth of lovely South Florida, Recreate Life Counseling is an outpatient treatment facility for persons struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol.

We are a licensed provider of Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and it is our goal to provide clients with individualized treatment plans in order to help them to recreate their lives. We are committed to supporting the addicted person from the beginning of treatment and for the rest of the recovery process. We do this by structuring the outpatient treatment plan in a way that is conducive to the personal vision he or she has for the future.

Respect for our clients’ core values fuels everything we do at Recreate Life Counseling. In fact, it’s a huge part of our core philosophy. We believe that by helping our clients recreate themselves and their lives, they become much more likely to achieve and stay in recovery. That’s why we offer highly individualized outpatient treatment programs. They are designed to meet the needs of each client so that the vision they have for their lives can become a reality.

The purpose of our outpatient treatment programs is to provide therapeutic education and guidance for the individual as they begin to reintegrate into society. Our group therapy sessions focus on the day-to-day difficulties that the newly recovering person might encounter at home, work, or in the community. Our one-on-one sessions complement the work done in the group setting by helping clients reprocess any triggers from their root emotional and relationship issues. We believe that by continually working through these issues, our clients will increase the likelihood of success at practicing lifelong recovery.

We want our clients to develop habits and thinking patterns that allow for happiness and recovery for the long term. That’s why the focus of our outpatient treatment programs is to help clients recreate their lives. This ensures that they have the best chance for long-term recovery. With a plan of action that is fine-tuned to the individual’s personal vision, the addict that was once struggling in so many life areas soon becomes well adjusted, content, and driven by a purpose all their own. We design and implement our programs to achieve this balance of plan and vision.

Our programs address the person as a whole, not just the addictions. The treatment modalities are evidence-based and wide-ranging. We use current theories and methods to avoid outdated or ineffective methods from the past.

Our outpatient treatment programs are led by a team of experienced addiction professionals who are deeply invested in witnessing the miracle of recovery for our clients and their families. Our addiction professionals offer evidence based treatment modalities. They are well trained in both conventional techniques and cutting edge methods. Most importantly, they are driven by an honest desire to help others recover. It is their goal to help them create the kind of life they were destined to live.

Recreate Life Counseling offers cutting edge treatment

Experience based intensive outpatient treatment
Effective clinical treatment modalities
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Close observation of clients emotions
Psychiatric and medical services
Group therapy
Individual counseling
Family therapy
Alumni support

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Recreate Life Counseling offers individualized intensive outpatient treatment programs designed to meet the needs of the each client. We believe that by helping our clients recreate themselves, they are more likely to achieve and stay in recovery.

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