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It doesn’t matter who you are. Many of us have been confronted with the substance abuse that has been so prevalent in this country lately. People can begin to abuse substances even if they had a prescription in the beginning, and others may have started their substance use with illicit drugs. When people start to misuse substances, whether they are legal or not, the misuse often turns into dependence or addiction.

Drug rehab is a treatment that the medical community uses to treat substance use disorders. Many people are dealing with a substance use disorder, but they cannot get help for their addictions for several reasons. The act of entering a drug rehabilitation center will ensure that Delray residents have the care that they need to return to their lives of sobriety.

24-Hour Care and the Support of Caring Staff

Drug rehab offers Delray residents a place where they will be treated for their substance use in a detoxification center. When people become addicted to substances, it causes changes in their brains that cause them to continue substance use. If someone tries to reduce or stop their substance use, the brain and the body react by sending out withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be deadly, but detoxification in a rehab center seeks to prevent these symptoms from appearing. The rehab center also relieves the mental and physical strain that accompanies detoxification.

Drug Rehabs in Delray Beach, Florida

ReCreate Life Counseling provides its clients with medical doctors, nurses, and therapists with the capacity to control these troublesome withdrawal symptoms. The medications have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and they reduce the symptoms that someone withdrawing from substances experiences. Medication administered after the detoxification process is over helps sustain the person’s sobriety. Our medical staff has extensive knowledge of the most appropriate medications to use in each circumstance and how to manage each person’s medication.

The Detoxification Process

Some people have been using cocaine or heroin for several years, and if they decide to suddenly cease their use, they would be at risk of very serious medical consequences. At ReCreate Life Counseling, we offer medication-assisted treatment or MAT, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, and relapse prevention services.

The critical thing to remember is that withdrawal from substances can be hazardous to someone’s health, so every person needs to find a drug rehab solution for their substance use issues. Substance use leads to psychological and physical dependencies, but our treatment with MAT will address these issues.

Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

Along with MAT, we also treat substance use disorders with cognitive behavioral therapy and other therapies. It has been shown that treating people with medication-assisted treatment in the beginning and psychotherapy afterward is the most effective way to treat people for their substance use disorders.

The fact is that 40% to 60% of those who obtain treatment for their substance use disorders will relapse and return to their substance use. However, relapse does not mean that drug treatment doesn’t work. Substance use disorder is a relapsing disease, so it is very common for people to return to substance use after successfully stopping it.

Substance use disorder is a chronic disease that needs to be treated long-term. People often relapse when they fail to continue with their treatment. Like with any other medical condition, people need to continue their treatment or modify it when it doesn’t appear to be working as well. Because relapse is such a distinct possibility, we offer relapse prevention treatment to our clients at ReCreate Life Counseling.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many people are struggling with mental health disorders and substance use disorders at the same time. In order to treat people for these conditions, drug rehab centers must be able to provide medical treatment that can address their medical issues as well as their substance and behavioral issues. At ReCreate Life Counseling, we offer dual diagnosis addiction treatment.

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A significant number of people diagnosed with substance use disorders also begin to have mental health issues. It happens the other way as well. A large number of people diagnosed with mental health disorders also develop substance use disorders. According to several studies, 50% of those who experience a mental health disorder will also experience a substance use disorder during their lifetimes. It happens in the other direction as well at the same rate. If you have a mental health disorder that hasn’t been diagnosed, we have the means to diagnose it and treat it along with your substance use disorder.

Residential or Outpatient Treatment?

At ReCreate Life Counseling, we can offer our clients outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, and residential treatment. Inpatient treatment is designated for people with newly diagnosed substance use disorder. It is for those with severe drug issues requiring 24-hour observation and detoxification. The outpatient program is reserved for people with mild to moderate substance use disorder. They must be comfortable remaining in their homes because it is not a residential program.

The partial hospitalization program was created for those who need an intensive level of treatment for their substance use disorders. This is a higher level of care than people receive in outpatient programs. Our clients are not required to live at the facility to obtain this level of treatment.

Those requiring the greatest amount of structure opt to enter the inpatient treatment program. It provides our clients with the greatest amount of support and help. If someone would like to enter into a rehab treatment center but isn’t at liberty to leave his or her life for several months, we offer the outpatient program, intensive outpatient program, or partial hospitalization program.

ReCreate Life Counseling for Treatment of Substance Use Disorder

ReCreate Life Counseling is in an excellent location near the ocean, so it is very peaceful and relaxing. Addressing one’s addiction to substances is often very difficult and stressful, but if you are in a treatment center that is as enjoyable as ReCreate Life Counseling, the withdrawal process and subsequent treatment will be much more pleasant and fun.

Drug Rehab in Delray Beach, FL
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At ReCreate Life Counseling, we help our clients conquer their substance addictions. You can be from anywhere in the United States, and it will be the same for everyone. You may struggle with Percocet, Ativan, methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, or a prescription drug, and you will receive the individualized attention you deserve at ReCreate Life Counseling. Our business is rehabilitation, so we are passionate about bringing you toward a new tomorrow.

Finding the best substance use disorder treatment can be very challenging, but it can be done. ReCreate Life Counseling offers you the comprehensive care that addiction treatment requires. We treat each person as an individual with traditional and holistic therapies that treat the entire person.

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