A 22-year-old Man on Drugs Was Arrested in Miami for the Murder of a Colorado Tourist

This past Tuesday, 8/24, the authorities in South Florida arrested a young man for gunning down a man who was visiting Florida from Colorado. The news broke recently from the Miami Herald and reported that the man who shot and killed the victim told police he was high on hallucinogenic mushrooms. The victim was a young father and had no relation to the shooter. The details from the police report state that when the shooter approached the Colorado man, he stood in the range of the bullets to save his young child.  

A 22-year-old Man on Drugs Was Arrested in Miami for the Murder of a Colorado Tourist


Tragic Story in Miami Related to Hallucinogenic Mushrooms 

The shooter, 22-year-old Tamarius Blair Davis Jr., was from Georgia and not a resident of Florida. Davis Jr. also shot at but did not kill another person during his drug-induced state of mind. The incident, unfortunately, is not anything new for the region of Miami that it occurred. South Beach, Florida, shares the reputation of high amounts of drug use and crime like other tourist destinations throughout the state. The Mayor of Miami told the Miami Herald how outraged. He said he felt overwhelming emotions for the victim, 21-year-old Dustin Wakefield, of Castle Rock, Colorado. 

I’m angry and disgusted by the horrific shooting yesterday of Dustin Wakefield,” Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber told the Miami Herald. “Though it appears it was entirely random, that does not make it any less shocking or provide any solace to his young family.

Murder of a Colorado Tourist in South Florida Due To Drug Abuse

The Wakefield family was visiting South Florida and were dining at the restaurant that Davis entered and then shot at and killed Wakefield. The restaurant is located on Ocean Drive of South Beach. Davis told police he “randomly chose” to shoot Wakefield and attack another man minutes earlier on the street. Davis has been charged with 2nd-degree murder and attempted murder. The accounts of the shooting were also caught on camera. Many witnesses saw the shooting, and moments after Davis shot Wakefield, a bystander filmed Davis.  

Channel 7 News Miami obtained footage of the shooter dancing near and inside the restaurant. The short video was taken just after the shooting and obtained by WSVN-TV. Davis is seen in the video, and screaming can be heard from bystanders. The video also shows a gun in Davis’s hand. The victim’s family is devastated. Dustin Wakefield’s uncle, Mike Wakefield, told the Herald that his nephew protected his young son’s life. 

Mike Wakefield, the victim’s uncle, told the Miami Herald that Dustin Wakefield died protecting his young son. “This guy came in with a gun-waving it, saying it’s time to die. He pointed the gun at his son, and Dustin said, ‘He’s only a boy,'” said Mike Wakefield, who was not in South Beach but heard the account from his family. “Dustin stood up between the gunman and the baby, and he shot him. He shot him multiple times on the ground. (Miami Herald)

The Effects of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms or Any Type of Drug Are Dangerous

The tragedy that has occurred cannot be minimized because of Davis being on drugs.  When someone uses drugs, they put their lives and anyone they come in contact with at stake. We can quickly see how drug addiction kills the addict. In this scenario, we also see the devastating damage from drug addiction and drug use. People nearby and who have nothing to do with the effects of the drugs can be killed. 

Hallucinogens are problematic substances with a reputation for causing the person to believe the hallucinations are real or the psychosis they are experiencing to be true. Hallucinogens often cause addiction and lead to suicidal thoughts and attempts of self-mutilation, and violence towards others. The solution is to not risk your life and others by using drugs.

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