Sober Living Program

At Recreate Life Counseling we provide a safe and supportive environment where clients can achieve recovery.

We believe that by allowing our clients to live in increasing levels of independence while holding them accountable for their actions and behaviors clients have the best chance at life long recovery. Our safe and secure sober living homes offer the kind of environemnt individuals need to work on transitioning into the real world. While residing in our sober living homes clients are encouraged to work on life skills, relationships and how they transition into the world. Clients are required to attend meetings, abide by curfew, contribute to household chores and regularly check-in with their peers. This is the best course for those transitioning from treatment to the real-world as it gives our clients the right amount of structure and accountability as they make their way to the next phase of recovery.


Men’s Sober Living


Women’s Sober Living

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